The NLP World Community Awards
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We are proud to announce the winners of
The NLP World Community Awards

    It is my profound pleasure to introduce you to the recipients of the NLP World Community Awards. Because of the good works of each of these people, lives have been turned around from tragedy to possibility, otherwise unrealized potential has been set free to be expressed and developed, and significant environmental devastation has been averted by transforming political adversaries into cooperative policy makers.

The hopes and desires which initiated the development of the NLPWCA have been fulfilled. I have learned how NLP has realized its positive potential thru the actions of intelligent and visionary people. The people and projects I have learned about through the awards process make me proud to have once been involved in developing and teaching NLP.

I am personally inspired by each of these people and I believe you will be too. Knowing what they have been able to do with NLP to make our world better gives me greater strength and determination to make my own visions come true.


Jamie K. Reaser, Ph.D.
President/CEO, Ecos System Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia


Richard M. Gray, Ph.D.
Treatment Coordinator, U.S. Probation Department, Brooklyn, New York

Lenon C. Murray
Principal, Rosedale School, P.S. 38, Queens, New York

Catherine "Cat" Wilson
Founder, "A Positive Change," Portland, Oregon

Special thanks to Ripley Hypnotherapy


The NLPWC Awards will be presented at
The 16th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of NLP
April 8, 9, and 10, 2005